Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development
Nuclear Department

Technical and Management support Unit

The Unit ensures administrative and management support both to the Management and to the Divisions belonging to the FSN Department, both for the internal obligations of the Body and for those addressed to the outside.

Planning and control:

  • It takes care of the management part of the EUROfusion, F4E, DTT, H2020, Horizon Europe programs where necessary also in the pre-negotiation phase including participation in kick-off meetings and negotiation phases that have managerial implications;
  • It takes care of the implementation of the authorization process in compliance with the system of delegations, planning management (Budget Cards), management of the life cycle of orders;
  • Guarantees the reporting of all programs and verifies the possible ENEA-partner quotation;
  • Ensures the management of commercial activities with invoicing-costs and management of third parties;
  • Ensures the management of budget allocations based on the progress of orders;
  • Supply to the preparation of the three-year plan and the performance piano;
  • Supports the Department in the formulation and management of the budget and related budget assessments;
  • Provides support for the formulation of the final account, the activity report and the performance balance sheet;
  • Ensures the management of the practices pertaining to the Department in relation to personnel, including missions.

Tenders, contracts and procurement:Issue of supply orders with related spending commitments:

  • Preparation of procurement contracts (disciplinary preparation, determination to contract, support to the RUP for the verification phases of the requirements, determination of the final award);
  • Management of the obligations related to the PTPCT;
  • RUP function, where necessary, for contracts and orders.