Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development
Nuclear Department

Technical and Strategic Support

Many of the funding opportunities for the Department's research projects are linked to major international fusion energy research programmes. The Technical and Strategic Support Section supports the Director of FSN Department in handling ENEA's participation in the workprogramme of the EUROfusion consortium

The section oversees and ensures control of the activities carried out by ENEA and Italian partners in EUROfusion, verifying the reporting actions of the Italian research group.

FSN-STS also supports the Department in the preparation of strategic plans and contributes to the correct positioning of the activities within the programmes defined by ENEA’s governing bodies. Finally, the section provides support in managing educational training, monitors dissemination activities and scientific production.

SOFT 2018
SOFT 2018 opening ceremony - Symposium on Fusion Technology
ENEA Assolombarda
ENEA-industry meeting at Assolombarda Milan