Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development
Fusion and technology for Nuclear Safety and security Department

Nuclear Safety, Sustainability and Security

Safety, security and sustainability of nuclear fission and fusion and its non-energy applications, enhancing the competitiveness of companies operating in the nuclear sector and upgrading the sustainability of nuclear applications – this, in brief, is the mission of the Nuclear Safety, Sustainability and Security Division of the FSN Department.

The staff of the Division pursues these objectives through research, development and qualification of computational methods and models, design and analysis, as well as by providing support to institutions, the productive system and society in general, acting as a Technical Supporting Organization (TSO).

These research and development activities regard:

  • design an analysis of innovative systems, with particular reference to advanced lead-cooled generation IV nuclear reactors (LFR) and modular small/medium-sized reactors (SMR);
  • closing the fuel cycle;
  • analysis of accidents and ensuring preparedness for nuclear and radiological emergencies;
  • characterization and traceability of isotopes, relative to the national disposal facility and environmental monitoring;
  • nuclear security, forensic and mitigation of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear risks (CBRN);
  • safety assessment of fusion reactors, with particular focus on DTT facility presently under construction.

These activities are carried out in the context of national and international programmes, while teaming up with industrial and research partners. The Division contributes to the scientific activities and to the technological transfer within the High Technology Network of Emilia Romagna region, through the participation to the regional clusters.

There are numerous working groups and commissions in the main European and international organizations in which Division staff represents both ENEA and Italy. Among these bodies are IAEA, OECD-NEA, SNETP, IGD-TP, ETSON and ENEN.

The engineering services provided to industry and utilities regard:

  • design work, modelling and simulation of nuclear, X-ray and medical components and systems;
  • support for planning, technical documentation and licensing for projects regarding the aforesaid systems;
  • establishing, producing and interpreting experimental tests and programmes also by means of agreements and contracts with the subsidiary company, SIET SpA.

These activities are undertaken within the context of collaboration agreements or commercial contracts aiming at technology transfer.

The Division also ensures technical and scientific support to the nuclear security authority, Ispettorato Nazionale per la Sicurezza Nucleare e la Radioprotezione and the pertaining ministries in relation to the aspects of safety, security, safeguards, non-proliferation and application of the relevant international treaties. Furthermore, specifically, support is provided to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), in accordance with the functions assigned by Laws 484/1998 and 197/2003, regarding the obligations of the treaty for banning nuclear tests (CTBT), including the management of the National Data Centre for radionuclides (NDC-RN) for treaty verification.

In this capacity, the Division represents ENEA and Italy within numerous international organisations (e.g. G7, IFNEC, GICNT, GIF and CTBT).